Other Netlabels, Links to Projects we like, love & appreciate

atomare ideale

atomare ideale is a blog about art stuff forelle f.s.a. does in his spare time


8bitpeoples is the best example for what a netlabel can establish. Chiptune beyond cheap bleepbleeps.

MiMi Records

A portuguese-japanese collab. Mostly experimental music with a few dancetunes, dark stuff, etc.


But does it float is a nice onlinegallery for visual arts. Visit them. Bookmark them.


Netlablism is a quite good magazine for Netaudio. Although they have a certain taste, it's worth checking.

afk for netaudio

afk for netaudio is a blog about netaudio, producing, music, internet. (Forelle writes here sometimes).


A (sadly frozen) netlabel with a high affinity to sweet dnb, beats and jungle sounds. Sweet. Sweet?!


An independent renoise podcast, airing every now and then, with tunes from the Renoise community.


Amazing Netlabel for modern music, great instrumentalists like Gath Knox (Viola) release class


A great electronic netlabel, with a slight focus on athmospheric tracks. Check them out!