Uninteresting License-stuff?

Noo Way!

What are you allowed to do?

You should download, upload, copy, distribute, share and spread as you wish. The songs published under wdrstndnetlabel.at are all under the Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC 3.0)-License.

This means you are NOT free to use our music for commercial uses - this is just to protect ourselves from beeing victims of capitalistic greed. But if you do plan something commercially dont hessitate to contact us - we're quite friendly people they say. If you are a DJ and you don't know if you're allowed to use our music at your capitalistic hedonism-club: You're not only allowed - you have the DUTY to play those tracks (and maybe you can tell us how nice the tune worked on your PRTY ;).

If you like to create free work based on our music, you are welcome to do so and we are happy to have our netlabel and/or the artist mentioned - we're also happy if we're able to see which nice things were done to our music. As a DJ, you don't have to mention us at your gig - just recommend us at chance ; )

If you like to Remix our music, but you are signed in a commercial Label, just contact us and we'll find a way.

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