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Forelle für submarine Aktivitäten

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Forelle (trout) produces electronic and not-so-electronic music since 2007, focusing on the tensions between multiple poles: the tension between experimental & functional music, between phonetic expression and tonal harmony, between repitive monotony & envolving breaky chunks, mostly painted in dark and gloomy shades, sometimes like a tempest, sometimes like a calm, sometimes deep and groovy, sometimes bright and hysteric. A Forelle-tune is hardly ever allocated to one fixed genre, but keeps drifting and shifting through the genre-ozeans like a vaudeville show from the early twenties.
Maybe its time to join the submaritime revolution.

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Hoheitsgewaesser & Himmelreichsfleisch about F.:

Forelle is the only producer I know who is capable of having ten different sub sounds and make them blend nicely, this guy is an absolute sounddesign monster! His tunes are very moody and deep. Don't underestimate his sound, even though his tunes aren't easy to understand. This guy will blow your mind and send it back to the ground of the deep and raging sea!

Basic Facts - Forelle für submarine Aktivitäten:

Name in RL:

David Paraplü Huss

current Homebase:

Hamburg, Germany


since 2007


from start (2011)

Forelle für submarine Aktivitäten on Netlablism/Netaudio:

The decision to give away your beloved tunes for free is not an easy decision. It remains the hidden dream of every musican to earn their living with what they love to do: making music. So why should one throw away this dream?
Personally there are a few reasons for me to do so: First of all it is a political statement. It is an statement for copyismn and against the illegalisazion of so called "copyright -infridgements". Second you DO give the web and those people behind it a little of those things back they shared to you. And last but not least: Freedom. On a Netlabel you don't have to think about beeing commercially sucessfull. You don't have to focus a certain audience nor you have to follow trends or a certain genre.