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Purplefish aka Scotty joined the forces in late 2013, but he is not a new face in the field of electronic music: his early releases date back to 2004

With a wild past of hard techno, breakcore, gabber and experimental stuff, it seems like he found his inner peace within his latest releases.

His creative output however is not only restricted to music -- have a look at floodcomics.com to get a better insight in his works.

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I first saw purplefish on a small gig in Hall in Tirol in a location known as "Stromboli". It was around 2006 an literally the first time I ever heard breakcore. So it was not only the first time I heard breakcore as a genre, but also the first time I heard Venetian Snares. Naturally it was a brainsmashing night.

This of course had a huge influence on me (at the time I just started to record my first stuff). Somehow I managed to find him on good old myspace and downloaded a few mixes, I played that stuff on every party I hosted and it still has a similar nostagic feel, like playing an old NES game on a old TV-Screen.

Years passed, I got the label going and some day I got a mail from Scotty where he asked me if he could release. Heck YES!

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Daniel Scott

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Vienna, Austria


since 2004


since late 2013