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Hoheitsgewaesser & Himmelreichsfleisch

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Adrenaline. If you wanna join a passionate explorer of ultimate fatness and hardness in terms of sound Hoheitsgewaesser & Himmelreichsfleisch should be on top of your list. With a deep knowledge of musical theory, a sensible approach to sounddesign and a fistful of pure crazyness Hoheitsgewaesser creates complexe soundmachines with the only goal to find and steamroll you till you either are flat like a stamp or riding into the sunset on top of a stomping soundmachine.
H isn't fixing himself to a single genre, allthough a single track might be dedicated to one - Hoheitsgewaesser delivers. Deep Techno, hard Electro, progressive Dubstep and trashy chipsounds.

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This guy is stunning. Seems like he's holding a fatness- sceptre on his RAGE-throne. Not only his tunes are raging around, also his output is gigantic. 4 nice ideas in 1 day? Others don't even get ONE good idea in 5 days. And this ain't no mainstream. It is underground. Pure, raging madness with tonal complexity and perfection.

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Heinrich K.

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Graz, Austria


since 2007


from start (2011)